Oxbridge Questions

Those attend interview at Oxford University and Cambridge University often face particularly tough interview questions that are there to make the candidate think both laterally and logically and to test how they are able to apply their knowledge.

Below are a list of these Oxbridge questions.

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University Course Question
Oxford Biological Sciences Are humans still evolving?
Oxford English Was Shakespeare a rebel?
Oxford History What trees did Disraeli plant at Hughenden Manor?
Oxford English Is the Bible a fictional work? Could it be called chick lit?
Oxford Law If you could go back in time to any period of time when it would be and why?
Oxford English Don't you think Hamlet is a bit long? No? Well I do.
Oxford Geography Is nature natural?
Oxford Mathematics What was the most beautiful proof in A-Level Mathematics?
Oxford Law Would you trade your scarf for my bike, even if you have no idea what state it's in or if I even have one?
Oxford Mathematics You have a 3 litre jug and a 5 litre jug. Make 4 litres. (it's from die hard 3)

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