Psychometric test examples and test advice

It has become increasingly popular for companies to use psychometric tests to access their candidates. These tests are commonly used by larger corporations who have many candidates for many roles.

The purpose of the tests is to assess your motivation, interests and values, as well as your behavior and attitudes. These questions don't generally have a right or wrong answer.

The test often comes in the form of a personality questionnaire, with multiple choice questions. Once the test is done you are often placed in a category which summarises what sort of person you are and how you react in different situations.

It is important to practice these tests before you take them so you get used to them. There are many of these tests available on the internet.

These personality questionnaires can also be used as self-assessment tools to help you understand what you like, what you strengths are, where you need to develop and how your personality will fit in different working environments.

Below are a selection of practice psychometric assessment sites for you to practise these types of test: - 30 years of experience helping employers to hire and develop the right people through ability and personality assessment - try a selections of assessments and inventories. ASE is one of the UK’s leading specialist providers of psychometric tests and business psychology consultancy solutions.

Keirsey temperament tests - complete the online personality questionnaires: powerful 70-question personality instrument that has been used by more than 35 million people in over 120 countries since it was first published in 1978

Learn more about taking a psychometric test from the Psychological Testing Centre (British Psychological Society).


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